Under the schemes the village Panchayat may apply to the Govt. for grant of loan for starting, in there area anyone or more of such remunerative schemes given below. (a) Coconut and Cashew Nurseries
(b) Laying out of Orchards
(c) Laying out of Vegetables Farms
(d) Reclamation of Waste Land
(e) Installation of Pumping Sets
(f) Purchase of Tractors and Improved Agricultural Implements hire.
(g) Poultry Farms
(h) Piggery Farms
(i) Dairies
(j) Construction of Guest Houses, Shops, markets and Godowns.
(k) Working of Stone Quarries
(l) Small and Cottage Industries
(m) Miscellaneous schemes based on particular potentialities of the area.
(n) Any Other Scheme Approved by the Government.